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Saturday, 07 May 2011


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Devorah Zealot Soodak

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Devorah Zealot Soodak


Hi Zealot,

Google search seems to keep changing something weighted to other branches of conjugate elements of other associations, or that's searching for a cause to clusters from randomness. It's difficult to distinguish amongst possibilities, as now "Tadzio Epilepsy" is weighted more now with "Coal Mine Health" and "New York Office of Mental Health", than with the previous "burr": http://healthycarpet.info/new-york-office-of-mental-health versus http://enlargement-penis-surgery.info/burr-hole-surgery , involved with "Ankle Ligament Surgery" from corrupting noise or spam plants.

I'm still awkward with Facebook, or something is set incorrectly, or I'm just lost there. My hard-drive finally totally overloaded too, and I've slowly been transferring tons of what-not to another bargain terabyte hard-drive, while nothing is working very good.

The Facebook posting of the Supreme Court declining to review the national "Duty To Cheer For Your Rapist" (I went to http://harvardcrcl.org/2011/05/06/supreme-court-wont-review-duty-to-cheer-for-your-rapist/ )brought back many of my memories of having epilepsy in High School, and epilepsy making it a legal duty to provide physical sexual entertainment to superiors, and sure enough, there's a repeat bucket of legal doctrines dumped in mouthpiece mud by the courts and the entire legal system. The "and in the surrounding circumstances the likelihood was great that the message would be understood by those who viewed it” requirement is a death knell for all possible knowledge (whether artistic, religious, or scientific) in any land of great stupidity. So much for Joyce, Nabokov, Melville, and everybody and everything else that requires more than the least smigin of intelligence (such ivory tower high-brow smarts is hereforth [sic] [sic] [sic] illegal in this here USA of non-communication). Well, now, at least the dirty knowledge of Prime Number Theory from Russia isn't the only abstract illegal knowledge of the secrets of basic arithmetic.

A partial address of the extent of "frivolousness" of humanity in the USA is at: http://www.onpointnews.com/docs/cheerleader_petn.pdf

Will Leonard Cohen's rendition of the song "The Future" be the new National Anthem?

I'm talking in terms of "Finnegan's Wake" and/or "Pale Fire", to cover my behind from the "Church of the Poisoned Mind", with a dash of Prince Myshkin.

Lots of Love,


Devorah Zealot Soodak

I'd noticed the Healthy Carpet people in my searches, but I never examined their site. I see exactly how they did it. They simply copied the text from one of my link lists. The Penis people simply lifted your text wholesale. That has also happened to me.

Google claim that they rank sites by "quality," but I'm not sure what algorithm they use because I see a lot of "spammy" sites still high in the rankings. What I have noticed is an increasing consistency of results, which makes it harder and harder to find new things. I use a search engine to find new things. If I want the old stuff, I can use a bookmark.

I found facebook extremely confusing in the beginning. There's also not much to see if you don't have a lot of friends. You can try searching for stuff. There are some interesting community pages and if you "like" them you can leave comments on the pages. That's one way to get started. You can also feel free to post to my wall or comment on anything that I post. I'd love to here from you there.

That Supreme Court decision you reference is too upsetting. This current court is just awful. Five of those judges are going to hell. Let's just pray they don't send us there first via their decisions.

As for Leonard Cohen's song about the future, the future is here. I can't say that I like it. I liked the analysis. I guess that makes me a filthy intellectual worthy of being locked up in the bin for my unpopular beliefs. The Thought Police will have their way. Please see William Cronon and the American Thought Police - NYTimes.com

Baruch Hashem. Hoshia na.

Lots of Love,

Devorah Zealot Soodak www.psychout.typepad.com/ the zealot needs help!

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