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Tuesday, 19 October 2010


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Hi Zealot,

I read the paper linked in your posting to the ADA forum on epilepsy-dot-com. Their Spam-Trap has stopped the links in my post for the last three hours.

I hope you secure much better lodging when you get genuine housing. I still haven't used my Para-transit card (the fee is about regular, and the bus still doesn't go anywhere), so at my location, walking is still the best option left.

I see the cited case of "Hargrave v. Vermont" received Dr. Appelbaum's attention, resulting in his quip that "mental health professionals struggle daily to build alliances with the people whose illnesses they are attempting to treat." He hints that any question of this "trust-building" is "not only absurd but insulting," then, he goes and "studies" mock elections to experiment with protecting the voting process from degradation opined by having standards of restrictions put upon citizens with neurological disorders, relying on test subjects associated with Alzheimer's so as to chance the line between organic and "non-organic" disorders.



Insulting "Trust-Building" with a mockery seems to be absurd too!!! Maybe it will make more sense if the "hypothetical candidates" will forsake witchcraft (or any other set of beliefs) and/or stop play acting in Nazi S.S. Waffen uniform conference meetings, whenever Dr. Appelbaum weighs such instead of casting aspersions upon potential voters with neurological impairments trying to actualize their rights??

Of course, voting is even more dangerous than BINGO:


I finally got a used copy of the book "Kindling 6", so now if levetiracetam (Keppra) works on my brain as good as it does on rat brains, maybe the kindling will slow up or halt. There doesn't seem to be any sharp dividing lines, or true differences, between micro-seizures/kindling and aversive/Pavlovian conditioning, and this might make the 100 year old Russian model of epilepsy more useful than the most recent American model that is saddled with "bad magical non-organic" disorders "co-morbid" with epilepsy. (The magic reminds me of the "rationality" of shadows moving faster than the speed of light, with a mandatory strong dose of the ether).

Lots of Love,


Devorah Zealot Soodak


I think I found a way to outwit the dirty, nasty, spam trap. Enclose the links in angle brackets (lt gt). I think it fools the parser. I got the link to my latest blog post through that way.

Let's see how long it takes them to figure it out. Let's see if they read this blog. I think we already know the answer to that; they're far too arrogant.

Btw, who is that Phylis Diller creature from epilepsy-talk-dot-com. She is toxic.

The big pharma shills who run the subject site do not enforce their own policies. nyu-epi is still on the site recruiting research subjects in direct violation of their stated policy against such practices. I reported him again.

Thanks for your well-wishes. There's not much in the way of public transportation here either. There's a bus 1.5 miles from here and another about two. They both go to the same place: Atlantic City and that's nowhere fast.

If I recall, the subject paper is the Harberview Horror. I wonder if epi-help (less?) will read it. I am not surprised that one of your favorite people is all over it.

Right now I am too upset and angry to tackle Applebaum or your other torrid favorite. Being a recent survivor (barely) of treatment similar to that cited above, this is a raw, open wound. I did fire an opening salvo at DJ Jaffe of NAMI and Treatment Advocacy (note: not patient or consumer advocacy) fame, but I deliberately hid it from the search engines. When I am able, I will be there, guns blazing.

Please feel free to continue to comment here or on whatever post strikes your fancy. I will try to figure out how to back link to here from the appropriate forum if you are still being "spam slammed" by the Epilepsy-dot-com Thought Police.

Devorah Zealot Soodak
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Devorah Zealot Soodak


I just remembered. Keppra's efficacy was tested on a breed of rats prone to sonic induced seizures. I know I get sonic induced seizures and have repeatedly asked to be tested with sound. Do you think the Keppra helps because I am a rat? ;-)

Baruch Hashem. Hoshia na.

Devorah Zealot Soodak

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