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Tuesday, 15 June 2010


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This too shall pass...I'm sending my love to you right now

Devorah Zealot Soodak


Words cannot express my gratitude. He has sent me many angels, most of them in human form.

Baruch Hashem.


Hi Zealot,

What a relief to read your posting. Your prior posting and whether or not you received decent emergency services had me real worried.

Did you receive a decent response, and maybe a promise of better services into the future?

Lots of Love,


Devorah Zealot Soodak

Mr. T,

Thanks for caring. It means a lot. My life has become so bizarre that if I believed what was happening, I would think myself psychotic.

There are good and not so good people everywhere. I am alive thanks to the efforfs of those good people. However; for a blog that no one reads, I seem to have gotten an awful lot of attention. Some people seem to think that it is funny to play jokes on me that could have been or still could be fatal.

Baruch Hashem.

Lots Of Love,

Devorah/Zealot née Deborah Ellen Soodak

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